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Matt’s January Picardfest

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The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth!
Scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth!
It is the guiding principal upon which Starfleet is based!
Now if you can’t find it within yourself to stand up for the truth,
You don’t deserve to wear that uniform!


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Mental Dancing Mushroom Man

Posted in Matt J on January 24, 2009 by Matt J

This is something very much different to the content on this blog thus far.

Alex showed me and a bunch of mates this after we retired to someones house hideously drunk after a night out. I think it traumatised me for life. Fuck violent video games, to me this is actually the stuff that can push people beyond the brink of sanity. It still creeps me out whenever I watch it.

For anyone interested, the mushrooms are Amanita Muscaria, and are generally poisonous but also psychoactive.

Lifting the foot off the gas

Posted in Sadek on January 23, 2009 by dangerdekky

Breaking from moody political discussion, I’m now thinking Oscars…

oscarheftFeb. 22nd may not be Stalin’s night but, only marginally less surprising, it turns out that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button leads the nominations with thir-fuckin-teen. 13!!! Making it the second highest nominated movie of little gold man history, ‘All About Eve’ and ‘Titanic’ sharing the top spot.

Thinking about it, TCCOBB ticks a lot of Academy boxes….

  • Period movie
  • Technical and Special effects laden
  • (Historical) Romance
  • Quasi-disability movie.

And fair play to it. Trailer looks awesome and when it hits UK i’ll happily hop into my local cinematorium, if only to see what David Fincher’s (Seven, Zodiac, Fight Club, the Aliens movie that’s got the homoerotic, post-religious prison movie bullshit) brain has been stewing up.

Waltz with Bashir got the best foreign movie nomination s0 no need to herniate myself over that masterpiece going overlooked. (Trailer below cos it’s frickin’ awesome)

Bit weird that Revolutionary Road didn’t pick up a nomination for Winslet and yet she got the Golden Globe for it. Weirder yet she’s nominated in the Best Actress category for ‘The Reader’ for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe. In the days to come maybe that will be explained till then I’m noodle scratchin’

Slumdog Millionaire is on my viewing schedule for the weekend and I’ll be able finally to get my head around that film’s 10 nominations!

P.S. The music in Waltz is as epic as the trailer makes it seem.


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I have decided, in America at least (because like it or not the beeb are marginally more ‘neutral’ than most), we should stop calling the wares of Fox and CNN and all the other channels news, and should instead call it newsietainment.

Newsietainment is at the forefront of modern reporting. There is no longer a sectarian political battle going on in the Middle East, but instead it is the AE-RAB – ISRAELI MASS DESTRUCTION PARTY. We have not just witnessed one of the most left leaning candidates in decades become president of the USA but the BLACK MAN in the WHITE HOUSE. Fox’s terror alert jumps to red when Obama speaks, but dips to green when the Michigan Militia shoot an illegal immigrant.

I sound scathing, but you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, buddy. I actually love these little journalistic rogues. If there’s nothing on TV, I’ll have a gander at the news channels. If there’s nothing on the news channels, I’ll watch FOX NEWS: UNBIASED, UNABASHED, UNINTELLIGENT. They normally airbrush out that last word, but some numpty left it in their slogan last time I was watching. Anyone who can hire a tool like Bill O’Reilly and name his show the ‘NO SPIN ZONE OMG!!!11!1!ONE’ is either a master of irony on the scale not even the most accomplished wordsmiths have managed to attain, or must be wanting to entertain us, right? Right? Please God tell me I’m right. You mean I’m not? Ah, shit.

Fox News is the most watched news channel in the US. I’m sure it’s bloody popular out here too, but obviously for different reasons.

So, just to let you know, we all need to be at Heathrow on monday at 11am, as I’ve bought us all flights out to the US so we can chain ourselves to Bill O’Reilly’s nutsack in the hope that we manage to stop him impregnating Ann Coulter and unleashing the Antichrist in to our peaceful little world.

Transmission Ends.

Get your pitchforks ready, Rimmers lynch O’Reilly!

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First Post….

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Well after reading peoples posts I thought should I go along the same lines everyone else and post something political or discussional ……naaaaaaaaah

So heres one of the best clips from ‘How I Met Your Mother’