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Jingle Time!!!

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was watching the rangers and thought it was cheery…though the rangers were winning so that could be why…..



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Oh No… it ain’t over yet.dawg3

What is going on? Definitely Politics as usual!

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As I feel I am on a roll and recent coursework commitments having not permitted my time to be spent on writing for this very reputable cause, I am now going to spend some time doing just that; at this point I do realise that this takes more the form of an essay rather than simple blog article. The situation with Fred Goodwin has been drawing my attention for some time not only because he took a shot and got away with it but also the way in which the situation has been handled by our government. Whether or not Fred deserves his astronomical pension is not what I am arguing here at all, he took at shot at a severance contract which was agreed when he left the bank as a result of the Government taking it over. I am assuming that said contract was agreed in a lawful way, if so then the musings of or gracious PM in saying that he will use every resource to get the money back is not only a waste of time but also foolish.

The one thing that I am also assuming is that in taking over RBS the Government did do proper due dilligence on the state of the accounts of the Bank and any contracts that were in the process of being signed or had just been signed. In that case then it should have seen that Sir Fred had agreed such a contract and put a stop to it being approved; so the admission of some that said contract had only just come to light is a lot of ht air to put it politely. However, if this has only just come to light then the Government is criminally culpable in that it obviously hadn’t sought out enough information to discover the state of Sir Fred’s severance package; in other words it hadn’t performed the necessary due diligence competently, something which according to recent reports, RBS had failed to do in its attempted acquisition of ABN Amro, something that contributed to RBS’ precarious position.

Furthermore, I hold a great affinity with the opinion article in the Economist called “Scapegoat Millionaire and how Labour seem to be concentrating on the wrong thing. For a start, Harriet Harman, (according to some favourite contender to be the next leader of Labour), saying that there may even be laws passed to make sure that Sir Fred has to relinquish his pension involuntary does not really make sense. I seem to remember Labour trying this once before, that in the case of Brian Haw, and that one of the hallmarks of the law is that it cannot be retro-active.

When your house is on fire you don’t concentrate on figuring out how to stop future fires but rather to stop the current one. In the same way like the aforementioned articles says the Government should focus on getting us out of this mess and not how to prevent ones like these from happening in the future, such things should be left for later on when we aren’t facing a economic disaster. Not to mention that this attack on Fred Goodwin seems more like a publicity campaign to show that Labour is on the side of social justice with Mr Brown announcing the use of every legal means to claw back Sir Fred’s pension.

Even if they by some true miracle do actually achieve this then do they really think that this would somehow guarantee them victory in the next general election. Not to mention that in the scheme of thing £16 million is not that much money to get rid of a bad banker forever, considering the amounts that it will take to get us back on track. The one thing that will gurantee victory would be Labour escorting us from the darkness of this abyss into the light, certainly would get my vote.

Anyway, since when are Gordon Brown & Harriet Harman the campaigners of all things good, seem to remember earlier this year them campaigning for a vote to block the revealing of MP’s Expenses. Only backing down after the lack of support amongst other MP’s became evidently clear, not to mention the fact that many Labour MP’s seems to be on the wrong side of this problem. Some when a MP does something dodgy they justify as according to the letter of the law yet when Sir Fred’s antics are brought to light such a justification is no longer good enough and such actions have to stand up to the Court of Moral opinion. This really pisses me off, yes Sir Fred’s pension is not worth the paper its printed on but then why do seem to be able to find acceptable the different set of standards being applied to our public offices. In what way does this make sense?


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This post is going to be a diatribe against the twat that is Charlie Brooker, so if you do like him look away now. That being said I don’t really hate his programs, on the contrary I actually find them enjoyable to watch but I do think that he his even more of a douchebag than Jeremy Clarkson but in the satirical world.

In his new show, “Newswipe” (see what I did with the title, smart ehh) he spends half an hour talking and criticising how news reporting has become nothing but more negative news being repeated over and over again; yet in this program he does nothing to offer any suggestion to how this should change. All he seems to do is make a program out the same negativity that is contained in the news without actually admitting that that is actually is his intention and nothing more.

Another one of the his brilliant analogies was that watching a news bulletin was like starting to watch a soap opera some 900 episodes in and being expected to know what was going on. Think about that, in what way is that even close to being a smart way to characterise the news.. For a start news bulletins do try and include a small summary to try and explain the background of the story; now if this isn’t enough in order for him to gain a understanding of what was going on, then is it that hard to do a little background reading in this age of mass information. And if he still doesn’t understand then he may just be either lazy or somebody at the BBC has made a huge mistake in giving him time and a budget to make a program.

This show is in my opinion is the equivalent of either the Daily Show or the Colbert Report, without having any redeemable features whatsoever; I couldn’t agree more with what Brooker has to say in the program but he, unlike Stewart and Colbert, has nothing positive to say, and how is this show any different to the news cycle that he is bitching about?

Mark Speed Dating

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May the green god forgive us!

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I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about eco-hysteria. I just want to be remembered, forgiven and loved by the trees as one of the people who tried to save the planet for their sapling babies.

That last woman gives Arnie a run for his money…

Billy Collins

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