As I sit here watching the final episode of the series I am left to ponder how come all of a sudden the BBC can put out such a good series. I am not a huge fan of the BBC, truth be told that is, but they have put some goods shows such as In The Thick Of It; the various comedy specials Live at the Apollo, and of course Top Gear.

However, I may be wrong about this, but I cannot seem to remember the Beeb putting out a good modern day based drama as such. They have put out some good costume dramas, but that is about it. The only problem that I have with Luther series in general is why did they have to kill off the hot ethnic lady?

But in more general terms how come they can only make a small number of episodes at a time? Yes I know the argument about the fact that the quality has to be good and so that requires a small carefully planned number of episodes but surely there should be more that can be done.


One Response to “Luther!!!”

  1. dangerdekky Says:

    I just saw the last episode of Luther and thought it was absolutely amazing.

    I really think the BBC is fantastic but I would (and do) support it even when it swings and misses. I think it’s important to have public entertainment and culture rather than TV programming that’s subject to the whim of advertisers who network execs have to pander to when deciding the success or failure of any given show. Premium cable channels like HBO and AMC really support that theory given that they have a certain flexibility that frees them from dependence on advertisers and allows them to take way bigger risks. Consequently, as there’s way more money in advertising revenue, I think that limits how many episodes can be produced in one season, (13 clearly being the limit – Curb, Mad Men, Doctor Who, The Wire, etc.).

    I think if we want more interesting drama on the Beeb then it’s way more productive to support the it in its endeavours rather than constantly second guess it and criticise it for its failings.

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