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How Not to Take a Flaming Shot

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I have a double whammy of idiocy for you this evening

first one. Kinda small, but pretty lol

Second one:

The screams of “OH MY GOD! OH SHIT!!” Make it all the better.

Oh, and heres another:



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Oh No… it ain’t over yet.dawg3


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Make up your own caption
Nuff said.


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Yo Dawg...

Yo Dawg...

Matt’s January Picardfest

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The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth!
Scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth!
It is the guiding principal upon which Starfleet is based!
Now if you can’t find it within yourself to stand up for the truth,
You don’t deserve to wear that uniform!

Mental Dancing Mushroom Man

Posted in Matt J on January 24, 2009 by Matt J

This is something very much different to the content on this blog thus far.

Alex showed me and a bunch of mates this after we retired to someones house hideously drunk after a night out. I think it traumatised me for life. Fuck violent video games, to me this is actually the stuff that can push people beyond the brink of sanity. It still creeps me out whenever I watch it.

For anyone interested, the mushrooms are Amanita Muscaria, and are generally poisonous but also psychoactive.


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Well then, here we are. A brothers rim blog as requested, if slightly late. I’m not sure what everyone wants to do with this blog, but hopefully by actually posting shit, you will all let me know.

As for myself, for now I’m content with posting playfully obnoxious shit. So, without further ado, a few words from an old friend: