A wild CHALLENGE has appeared!

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My first challenge to team Rim is actually stolen from John’s blog but I think it’s pretty fantastic. Taking its cue from Colbert’s declaration that two man luge is the gayest sport, we mush endeavour to find gayer sports.

It truly is very gay.

My contribution would probably be this:

Perhaps not technically a sport but I’m sure that it could qualify. And as for the gay Richter scale, well it’s clearly off the chart. Nevertheless, I will be trying to find gayer and gayer sports (because postgraduate study really is that demanding).


359 Days of Inactivity

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Rimmers truly have dropped the ball on RimBlog. It’s almost been a year since any of us posted anything on here. Adding insult to injury, it was Mark (fucking MARK of all people!!) to be the last person to post. Well re-reading the old posts – particularly in light of our most recent Rim extravaganza – I’m reminded that we really should use this blog.

‘”Should” seems like a strong word, Sadek.’ Why thank you for noticing, faithful Rimmer. I use it quite purposefully. I like talking to you all. I want to do it more. And-well-lookie-here, what do we have but a pre-made portal for Rim discussion, for the exchange of Rim Media, for the expression of Rim love?

Well with that in mind, I’m taking it upon myself to use this blog to attack you mo-fos with content, ramblings and nonsense till I get a response (out of pity if nothing else). I’m going to be posting random viral videos, film recommendations, challenges, details of my sexual conquests (or lack thereof, truth be told), Mark’s annoying declarations made over Xbox Live, political treatise and anything else that might pop into my head. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

check it out!!!

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Funny Riot

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You guys may have seen this already on reddit but in case you have not. You may ask just how a riot can be funny and I direct your attention to the 9th picture down.

Sony new controller

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It has been a couple of months since I have been here mainly because of exam revision but I am back now and as a start I have this:

Click Here

Don’t really now what to think about it. It seems to work well but then again it just doesn’t feel like Sony or PS3.

They have found a misogyny pheromone and sprayed this video with it…

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Click this bad boy (I take no responsibility for the woman hating that follows)


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That is all.